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Purchasing a new vehicle is a big financial decision and one you will be living and dealing with for the next few years. You will want a safe, stylish and reliable vehicle that fits your budget. That means that you have to work with a dealer to see what kind of interest rates you may qualify to receive. Fortunately, the Nissan SignaturePURCHASE offers a long list of benefits that takes the guesswork out of securing a loan and streamlines the entire buying process.

Benefits of the Nissan SignaturePURCHASE

1. Nissan will work to provide you with competitive interest rates and quick credit responses

You won't have to spend all day at the local Elgin dealership just to learn what terms financial institutions are willing to offer on your loan.

2. They also offer flexible payment plans so that you can quickly pay off your vehicle and own it outright

Choose from 12-72 month payment plans and choose the right option that fits your needs. Perhaps best of all, these terms are available for both new and pre-owned Nissans throughout the St, Charles, Carpentersville and Hanover Park areas.

3. There are no limits on the number of miles you can drive.

Unlike leasing, there are no penalties for going over a certain mileage. You can take your Nissan across the country and back without worrying about racking up too many miles.

4. The Nissan SignaturePURCHASE also takes your lifestyle into account.

Nissan knows that you use your vehicle to take your kids and pets on adventures all over the country. You can travel gravel roads, navigate steep parking lots and curbs and put all sorts of dents and scratches in your vehicle. You won't ever have to pay wear and tear charges. The vehicle is yours to drive as you wish.

5. You can fully customize your vehicle.

Add accessories and express your own personal style. Again, it is your vehicle and you have the freedom to customize it any way you want. Just keep in mind that some major changes may void parts of your warranty.

6. When you use the Nissan SignaturePURCHASE to buy a vehicle, you can expect to pay lower insurance rates than leasing.

Actual prices will vary, but insurance companies tend to charge less for customers who choose to purchase instead of lease.

7. You won't be stuck with your vehicle for a set amount of time.

It is completely up to you when you decide to sell, trade or transfer your title. See a new Nissan you like? All you have to do is visit your local dealer and trade in your existing car.

More than anything, the Nissan SignaturePURCHASE is designed to make car buying as easy and transparent as possible. When you apply, you will quickly receive all the information you need to make the right purchasing decision. Visit your McGrath Nissan dealer in Elgin to browse their inventory, test drive a model and learn more about their exclusive Nissan SignaturePURCHASE.



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