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For many people, there is a lot of confusion about the differences between financing and leasing a car. Fortunately, with Nissan's SignatureLEASE program, leasing a car just got much easier in Elgin, Carpentersville and St. Charles. This innovative program is designed to all you to lease a car on terms that really work for you.

Why Lease?

Vehicle leasing was first introduced as a middle ground between paying cash for a car and financing the price of a car. Few people have enough cash available to buy a car outright, but many people also struggle to secure enough financing to buy a new car. With a lease, you are only paying for the usage of the car for a predetermined amount of time. This means that your monthly payments are lower because you are not purchasing the whole car, only a couple years of the car's total life.

What's Special About Nissan's SignatureLEASE?

While many manufacturers offer leasing deals, they often place strict limitation on the use of the vehicle during that time. Nissan's SignatureLEASE program was designed to give you more flexibility and options from start to finish. Standard leases come in 24- and 36-month lengths, but here at McGrath Nissan, we can get you a lease up to 60 months! In addition, you will get to take advantage of the vehicle warranty, and you can trade up at the end of your lease or purchase the car for its remaining life. This program is often used by people who need a bigger, nicer vehicle than they can qualify for on their own. In addition, leasing comes with the same tax benefits as purchasing a car for small business owners in Streamwood.

As part of your Nissan SignatureLEASE, you will also enjoy a variety of other benefits, such as the help of our service team if your car should ever break down. Plus we offer a variety of specials and deals just for leased vehicles, so you can save money and love the car you're in at the same time! With lower monthly payments, you could be driving a brand new Nissan in Elgin right away.

Head on over to McGrath Nissan today and speak with one of our leasing specialists about all of our incredible leasing options. Whether you need a car for the next two years or the next five, we now have more leases available to fit your needs any time.



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